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Our Story

Hello, my name is Sierra Bowyer! I have always had a deep connection and love for animals. Years ago, my Grandmother gifted me a "Doggie cookbook" and I started making treats for my dogs(pictured below). I always made too many and started giving them out to friends and family so they wouldn't expire. I began receiving more and more requests for dog treats so Howlin' at the Moon Bakery was born! Based in Winston Salem, NC, we have a passion for creating new and unique treats for your furry friend! From "Pup"cakes to Doggie Donuts, no treat is off the table! We make treats for any occasion! Contact us today to see how we can help celebrate your pups next birthday, gotcha day, anniversary, or just because! 


All products are 100% dog friendly, natural, and human-grade! We try our best to source produce and other ingredients as locally as possible and at the highest quality! Every treat is taste tested by our "Official Taste Testers" and also the humans involved :).  All of our treats are laboratory tested for guaranteed analysis, so you know important nutrient information! Thanks for stopping by!! Peace, Love,&Puppies!

George Lucas & Frank
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