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The smallest monster you will ever meet! He is ALWAYS in the kitchen just waiting for something to drop. No treat will go to waste when this little vaccum cleaner is around!

George Lucas

George has been a taste tester for 4 years now and it's starting to show! He is the best at catching treats, because, well.. he has to be, otherwise he'll take your hand off along with the treat LOL He is the best goodest boy


Grandma Piper keeps everyone in line. She may not have all of her teeth but that doesn't stop her from choppin' down on all the goodies!


Have you ever seen the retreiver that can not catch anything on youtube?? Well, they must be related because my girl can't catch a treat to save her life. BUT she is so gentle taking treats it totally makes up for it


Our smallest and most fearless of them all! Preston was adopted with heartworms and a bum leg but that doesn't stop him from hanging with the big dawgs and chowin' down!


Susan is an OG and will teach other dogs commands. She knows when it's treat time and doesn't play any games! She will put her paw on any doggos butt to encourage them to sit so she can get her treat LOL!


This goofy girl is living the life as a bonus taste tester. Her brother Cooper is in our picky eaters division, so since he gets to try them, so does she! She's not mad about it either!


This guy is very important in our mission. He is one of my picky eaters and without doggos like him I wouldn't be able to honestly tell if the treats we make are yummy or not! #COOPAPPROVED


Dakota may look big and mighty but deep down he's a big ole baby! Dakota unfortunately has a sensitive belly so his go-to treat is our ever so popular PUMPKIN NUGGETS, which is great for pups with digestive issues!

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