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Let's Talk Dirty...

...Dirty Dogs that is!

If you've never heard of a DIY Dog Wash, sit back and let us blow your mind! Imagine a world where you can comfortably bathe your pet without bending over; in a tub that is safe and comfortable for your pet, with adjustable water pressure, access to waterproof aprons, towels, dryers, fragrances, and more! The best part, you don't have to clean up the mess, that's right, you leave the mess to us!

We proudly use EathBath products which is a US based company that makes all natural, wonderful shampoos and grooming products for pets. The Shed-Control shampoo is perfect for dogs who are heavy shedders. A day or two after you will see a significant difference in the amount of shedding for several weeks! The Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo is a wonderful option for pups who have sensitive skin and are allergic to the typical options available. The Hot Spot Shampoo is soothing and great for hot spots, itchy skin, and common skin conditions. The Dirty Dog Shampoo speaks for itself, and is the go to for dogs who need a slightly deeper clean, de-greaser, & stain remover. The 2-in-1 Mango Tango Shampoo & Conditioner is what is automatically included in all of our packages, this wonderful smelling 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner offers convince of not having to use multiple products; which makes bath time a breeze & is a great de-tangler!

We offer a few different dog friendly fragrances which helps your pup stay smelling fresh for weeks! EarthBath's Mango Tango de-tangler spray smells great, de-tangles, conditions, and is even tolerable for dogs with some skin sensitivities. Chris Christensen grooming sprays are fun scents that are based off popular "hooman" scents, some of these will really take you back to middle/high school!

Dry nose & toes? Grey Fox Soap Company has developed a wonderful paw balm that has minimal ingredients and is safe for both you & your pups dry problem areas. Add it to any of our packages or purchase some in our Boutique!

If your dog needs their teeth brushed, we have you covered on that as well. Our SUPREME package includes a toothbrush & your pups choice of poultry flavor or vanilla mint doggie toothpaste. (Keep in mind your pup should still get regular cleanings by your vet but this preventative care can help!) You can also add this to any of our other packages!

If your pup hates bath time(we don't blame them) we have a "Peanut Butter Distractor" that might help distract your pup while you get in there and bathe them. We only use natural single ingredient peanut butter for the safety and health of your pet.

Our tub has a restraint slip lead and floor mats to keep your pet safe in the tub. Please keep in mind you'll still need to watch out for your pet so they don't try to jump out as we currently only have one size so some pups have a little more "wiggle room" with the lead. We also have stairs leading up to the tub so you don't have to pick your dog up to place them in the tub. If they are hesitant we do have some cookies for encouragement.

We didn't forget eye & ear wipes to help with eye staining and ear wax. Our ear cleaner will leave your dogs ears smelling fresh & clean. The eye cleaner is great for tear & strain removing.

We want to remind you that we are NOT groomers and are unable to help trimming nails or any other grooming assistance. However, we will offer WE WASH on certain days if you need assistance in a simple bath. For this service your pet must be friendly & up to date on vaccines, no exceptions! You will have to have an appointment for this service so please contact us to schedule this.

To complete the experience we have bandannas, bows, bow ties, and clothing; handmade by local businesses, to finish your pups posh look!

All in all, this is a fun, easier, stress free way to bathe your pet. Being able to leave the mess behind with a fresh, clean pup is such a great feeling! Don't forget to get your pup a cookie or pastry from our Barkery for being so good!

*keep in mind you & your pup may leave a little wet :)