This cake is just the right size for one spoiled pup to have a few night's worth of dessert, or about 4 small pieces of cake to share with FURiends!


Comes in circle or heart shaped!


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We will contact you with the email you provide during check out to customize your pups cake and get some dietary information!

4" Celebration Cake

  • Carob-Oat flour*, brown rice flour*, unsweetened carob powder*, non fat plain yogurt*, no fat milk*, coconut oil*, local honey*, free range  egg*, baking soda

    Peanut Butter+Banana- Oat flour*, brown rice flour*, no fat milk*, peanut butter*, local honey*, banana*, coconut oil*, free range  egg*, baking soda

    Carrot Cake- Oat flour*, brown rice flour*, carrots*, non fat plain yogurt*, coconut oil*, local honey*, free range egg*, baking soda

    Pumpkin- Oat flour*, brown rice flour*, pumpkin, coconut oil*, no fat milk*, local honey*, free range egg*, cinnamon*, baking soda

    *organic ingredients